Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Units

… accurately dose tiny amounts of liquid nitrogen into “soft” containers filled with non- or low-carbonated beverages. The expansion of liquid to gaseous nitrogen results in an enormous volume increase, which in turn pressurized the sealed containers.

The result: stable cans and bottles, ready for labelling, palletizing, with mich lower material usage: PET bottle weight, and so the costsfor PET material, are significantly reduced!

Typical applications of our LIN dosing systems in the beverage industry:

Pressure buildup in lightweight/soft containers

Oxygen reduction in the free headspace of filled containers, or as flushing of empty bottles

LIN Dosing System

Aseptic Liquid Nitrogen Units

The ASEPTIC liquid nitrogen dosing units LIN-Master-Asept produce STERILE LIQUID NITROGEN to be used for

  • pressurizing containers filled with non-carbonated products
  • oxygen reduction in headspace and empty containers

LIN-Master-Asept is designed to form an integral part of cold aseptic filling lines (CAF) and is also available as a standalone unit.

Also available as multi-head version / for linear fillers

Highvacuum-Superinsulated Piping

VIP – Vacuum Insulated Piping – also calle vacuum jacketed piping – for the most efficient transport and safe handling of cryogenic liquids.

With all necessary accessories like line degassers, phase separators, vacuum-insulated valves, safety valves…

Rigid and flexible, as all our products manufactured in stainless steel


Individual Machines and Equipment

Individual machines and equipment for the cryogenic application technology – built for and around your idea!

... and more:

  • Coating Tumblers
  • Cryo Pelletizers
  • On-Site Sterile LIN Production Units
  • Cryogenic Precoolers

All of our products can be customized to best suit your application

And if you have requirements our standard products can not be applied to, just ask for your individual solution!